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Photo of George Savoury, President and Owner 
Go With Knowledge and Experience Welcome to Savoury Consulting Ltd.

Stronger Performance Through Effective Policies 

Savoury Consulting Ltd.  is a management, governance and social policy business. The focus of  Savoury Consulting Ltd. is  to help  leaders and organizations become more strategic and effective  in  achieving success.    

In addition to individual counsel to  First Nation Band Councils, Boards  and CEO's on policy and management issues, Savoury Consulting Ltd. does   policy development, strategic  planning and program reviews in child welfare. 
Training is provided in the areas of Promoting a Healthy and Respectful Workplace ( Harassment and Bullying are included) , Respectful Communication,  Conflict Resolution in the Workplace, Excellence in Client/Customer Service, Writing Effective Policies, Social Media and Conducting Effective Performance Evaluations .    

In addition to an Master's degree in social policy and administration, George Savoury  has  extensive  public sector and board experience. He also has held senior executive/management positions  in government in Newfoundland and Labrador and Nova Scotia  ranging from operations to policy/strategy development. George has over 10 years experience as a board member and has been President of Savoury Consulting Ltd. for the past 5 years.     

Call 902 717 2498 or email  for a free consultation.

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